The UE e-learning is the complete Well Engineering Management System and provides the most up to date e-learning system for drilling and petroleum engineering personnel. The complete system has over forty modules on every aspect of well engineering and drilling operations

Knowledge Management System:

Based on solid engineering content,  E-learning is designed as a knowledge management system for:

  • E-learning and training tool for all levels from entry level to manager
  • Managers, supervisors, drilling and petroleum engineers
  • Easy retrieval of vital drilling information when required
  • Daily planning purposes
  • Trouble shooting of well problems
  • Massive amount of engineering calculations, examples and tips
  • Well design tool
  • Competency checks on personnel
  • Description of tools and their operations
  • Easy adaptation to company procedures
  • Database on best practices
  • Database on hole problems and solutions

Tangible Benefits:

  • Suitable for trainees, engineers and supervisors
  • The system uses 3 D animation , simulation and actual engineering calculations to solve all aspects of well drilling operations
  • Users of this e-learning system will find information and knowledge in an easy and interesting environment
  • The system has quizzes, tests and troubleshooting tips based on world wide drilling operations and practices.
  • As an environment for exchange of ideas and experience on similar subjects.
  • User privacy is protected from other users

Special Features:

  • The E-learning system is developed from a combined oilfield experience of over 300 years.
  • System is continually developed to take account of the latest development in well engineering, drilling equipment and drilling practices
  • Integration with the requirements of completion, workover, petroleum geology and reservoir engineering makes our system the best and most complete system on the market.
  • System is flexible to allow special practices and company unique procedures to be incorporated
  • In effect, when you use our system, it will look and work as if you have developed it to your own exacting requirements.

LMS Features:

  • Access control access multiple Content Managers
  • [View/Modify/Delete/Upload]
  • Internal and External Instructors assignment.

LMS Integration:

  • User-defined popup parameters
  • Host of options for defining Learner experience
  • Option to create Restricted and Public content
  • Chat room and Bulletin board for collaboration Definition of Competency Information for content

Currently only available to Operators and Service Companies.

Soon: Available to individuals.