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Well Stimulation

Who Should Attend:

Engineers, geologists, technologists and operations personnel who want to learn or advance their knowledge of well stimulation.


This presentation format consists of three segments. They are presented in logical order. The complete suite deals with the fundamental and advanced aspects of hydraulic fracturing as well as matrix and fracture acidizing. New and emerging technologies are covered in the final portion.


Fundamentals of Hydraulic Fracturing
  • Assessing well performance and formation damage
  • Fracturing theory
  • Selecting propping agents
  • Deciding which wells to fracture
  • Basic treatment sizing
  • Predicting results of fracturing
  • Equipment and operations overview
  • Selecting fracturing fluids
Advanced Hydraulic Fracturing
  • Information collection
  • On-site use of 3D simulators
  • Importance of laboratory work
  • Decision-tree for on-the-fly use
  • Development of best strategy
  • Operational guidelines
  • Best design use of 3-D simulators
  • Quality assurance procedures
  • Economic optimization
  • Fracture Diagnostics
Matrix and Fracture Acidizing, New Stimulation Technologies
  • Types of acids and applications
  • Effective matrix acidizing
  • Sludges, emulsions, iron, precipitates
  • Factors affecting fracture acidizing success
  • Acid placement techniques
  • New developments and emerging stimulation technologies
Course details
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • One week