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Well Engineering


This is the most intensive course in our portfolio and is intended for those who want to learn , succeed and be the best.

This course has been attended by every major oil company in the North Sea and many oil and service companies from around the world. The repeat running of this course and the many excellent reviews indicate that this course is one of the best technical courses available in the petroleum industry.


This course is suitable for Drilling Engineers, Drilling Supervisors, Toolpushers, Petroleum Engineers, Asset Team Members and Project Management Members wishing to understand the engineering details involved in the planning and drilling of oil and gas wells. The participant should have a basic understanding of the oil industry and have a University or equivalent education.The participants should expect to work for a minimum of 12 hours a day: 8 hours tuition and 4 hours homework. A laptop is recommended and should be loaded with Excel.

Learning Outcome:

The participant will be able to assemble well data from various sources, understand their relevance, produce a well design fit for purpose including casing seat selection ( Frac/pore pressure), selection of casing weights and grades, hydraulics, drillbits and BHA designs.

The following handouts will be given:

1. Well design manual

2. various Excel sheets

3. Certificate from United Education on completion of this course.


Basic Petroleum Geology
  • Basic petroleum geology
  • Rock types
  • Sedimentary rocks
  • Leak off tests
  • Casing seat selection
Casing Design
  • Steel properties and API casing strength,
  • Casing seat selection
  • Casing design criteria
  • Collapse design
  • Burst design
  • Tension design
  • Miscellaneous casing loadings and safety factors
  • Casing design methods for: Exploration, Development, Horizontal and HPHT wells
  • Kick Tolerance, Kick profiles,
  • Triaxial Stress Ellipse
  • Sour gas consideration
  • Complete well design¬†starting on first day and completed at end of course.
Drillstring Design
  • Drillstring and BHA
  • Drill pipe, drillcollars, grades of drill pipe and strength properties
  • Thread types
  • Tool joints
  • Calculations of approximate weight of drill pipe and tool joint
  • Drill collar weight and neutral point
  • Bending strength ratio
  • Margin of over-pull
  • Slip crushing
  • Pressure-area method
  • Jars
  • Shock subs
  • Reamers and stabilizers
Drillbits & Hydraulics
  • Drillbits: types & selection.
  • Tricone bits: design and selection procedures
  • PDC bits: design and selection procedures
  • IADC drillbit classification
  • IADC Dull grading
  • Fluid flow in wellbores
  • Bingham Plastic and Power Law calculations
  • Hydraulics calculations
  • ECD calculation
  • Hole cleaning
Directional Drilling, Horizontal & ML Wells
  • Declination And Convergence
  • UTM & Grid coordinates
  • Surface and subsurface targets
  • Bottomhole assemblies. Placement of stabilisers.
  • Survey Reference Points
  • Calculations And Wellpath Plotting
  • Surveying Tools And Accuracy
Drilling Operations
  • Well planning
  • Drilling operations : WOB and RPM, drill off tests
  • Drill bit selection optimisation
  • Hydraulics optimisation
  • Casing landing

Course details
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • One week