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Calculation of Measurement Uncertainty in Testing Labs

Calculation of Measurement Uncertainty in Testing Labs


To support the work of the testing laboratories in identifying the sources of uncertainty, calculating its value and reporting statement of conformity to a specification of the testing product, follow the requirements of the international standard (ISO / IEC 17025/2017), and in addition to select the best method and the best measuring device.

Course objectives

Informing the workers in testing laboratories (public or private sector) how to identify the sources of measurement uncertainty and how to calculate it.

Course Topics

-What is the meaning of measurement uncertainty and what are its sources.

-Its importance in testing laboratories.

– Calculation of measurement uncertainty Type A and Type B.

– Calculation of compound and expand uncertainty.

-Applications and practical examples.

Beneficiaries and Target

Workers in testing laboratories (public and private sector), including engineers, physicists, biologists, and chemists, etc.) who have experience in the field of testing for at least five years.

Course details
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • One week