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Advanced Casing Design


This course has been attended by practically every major oil company in the world. The repeat running of this course and the many excellent reviews indicate that this course is one of the best technical courses available in the petroleum industry.


This course offers a practical approach to casing design methods and buckling analysis. The course is based on numerous wells drilled successfully in many parts of the world including the UK , Vietnam , Pakistan , Bulgaria , Tunisia , Egypt , Abu Dhabi , Russia , Indonesia , and Yemen. The course will cover conventional, horizontal and high pressure/ high temperature wells. Participants will be able to design casings for any well: onshore, offshore, high pressure and high temperature wells, horizontal and multilateral wells.


  • Steel properties and API casing strengths
  • Fracture gradient: A Rock Mechanics approach
  • Casing seat selection: graphical methods, refinements, case histories
  • Casing design criteria: Collapse , Burst, Tension
  • Detailed Collapse design: partial and full evacuation; when to use each
  • Kick tolerance and kick profiles: industry approach
  • Burst Design: Casing full of gas, limited kick design
  • Detailed tension design: Self weight, shock loading, pressure testing, bending forces, thermal forces, pressure-area method
  • Offshore conductor design
  • Production casing design: tubing leak approach
  • Design factors: typical values; what do they mean
  • Casing design methods for: Exploration , Development, Horizontal and HPHT
  • Triaxial loadings and Von Mises
  • API load lines
  • Stress Ellipse including API load lines
  • Load cases
  • Temperature effects and trapped annular pressures
  • Buckling analysis
  • Sour gas consideration: Special casing grades and effects of temperature, NACE and European standards
  • Connections: API and premium , methods of selection
  • Well suspension and abandonment
  • Casing wear
  • Complete well design
  • QRA approach ( Quantitative risk assessment)

The Lecturer wrote his definitive textbook “Fundamentals of Casing Design”, over 20 years ago, where he presented the well design method in a structured way. He also showed for the first time how kick tolerance and kick profiles can be used to design wells using a variety of well conditions. the lecturer has since developed and extended most of the ideas presented in the book into a concise and coherent methodology for well design using the latest available technology and many ideas from unpublished work carried out under his supervision.

In his courses, the lecturer uses actual well design examples from wells he planned and drilled over the last 23 years. He is still involved in developing and updating a number of topics including API casing strengths, kick tolerance and kick profiles, collapse design, shock loading and triaxial methodology. With his strong background in Rock Mechanics, he combines this expertise into good effect in showing where best to choose casing seats whilst maintaining either minimum kick tolerance or company policy on kick tolerance.

Indeed, a large number of consultants and some of our competitors still use the original textbook which has of course been updated several times over but the updates have not been published. You can only find out the most updated method of well design by attending our casing design course. No other competitor can match our expertise in this area. A quick glance at the contents of our course and our competitors will clearly show how superior our course is and the depth at which we go into in order to explain the well design process.

Course details
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  • One week